FSU: Framingham State University - Masters of Education concentration in International Teaching interest survey
COVID 19 UPDATE July 27th 2020 - we will run a fully online cohort hopefully starting this fall, I plan to host some in person meet ups as well but technically the whole thing will be online.

COVID 19 UPDATE - due to the pandemic classes will be held online until it is safe to have in-person classes, this does not affect the degree in any way. This program is ready to go we just need a full cohort for classes to begin.


This program is for an M.ed Master's in Education there are no licenses included in these degrees.

Please fill out this survey to give me an idea of what kind of interest we have for reviving this program in Taipei. Due to the host location moving cities the program shut down a year or so ago but it was a really great experience for me, and I would like to help facilitate the opportunity for others.

Tuition will be less than 800usd per course (I'm working on getting an exact number but it depends on a few factors including the number of students).

Here is what I know from when I did it: (with some updates)

2 year masters in education with a concentration in international teaching. There are 4 courses one year and 5 the other, 8 are mandatory with one elective. No thesis, but you need to put together a portfolio for graduation in addition to classwork etc. **Cost depends, you pay for each class as you take them** 9 classes in total plus some other fees, it's so 'cheap' because it's subsidized by C. Louis Cedrone International Education Programs. If you just take the courses online they are 1290usd per class. This program is only available to people living overseas, you can't take it in the USA you'd have to do one of their online programs or go to the university. The classes are held in person (they fly a professor in) except in extenuating circumstances in which case they may be online. They are in the evenings and weekends and it is designed to be achievable (busy but you can do it) while you are working full time. Classes will be Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday evenings 530pm to 830pm and sat from 9-5 two weeks, with assignments and reading before and after the class. Each course has a requirement of 40 hours of class time. You must be able to attend all of the classes (sometimes minor exceptions can be made depending on the professor you might be able to extra work to make up for a missed class. Yes, it's a real university and real MED program. I did it, and have a degree. Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it.

This IS considered an in-person degree. It is recognized by the Taipei government, international schools and schools in the USA and Canada. The diploma is the same as you would get if you went to Framingham University and took classes in person, there is no distinction on the diploma.

The location for classes will be near Zhong Xiao Dunhua, Da-An district. (Near renai traffic circle at Fuhsing private school)

If you're interested in any way, especially in more information and signing up please fill out the form below and add your email to the mailing list so I can send you updates when I have them. I am aiming to try to get things rolling for next fall but I'm not sure if it's a realistic goal yet.

Adding an FAQ:
(I'm adding the questions and answers as they come in, so check back for the answer to your questions!)

1) Thanks for taking the lead on this! Is it manageable with a full-time job?
Yes, most of us did it while working at full time demanding jobs, several people were balancing work, school and doing the program. It can be intense at times but totally manageable.

2)Is there an official application process through the university? Transcripts, letters of rec, etc? Or do I just show them Benjamin Franklin?
There is an official application which you can find on their website, if I recall correctly you show them the monies, and fill in the application, send all that will your transcripts from undergrad and bob's your uncle. You need to apply before the program starts, two letters of recommendation, transcripts etc.

3) I'm from the US, so I have my school mail you my transcripts directly and if so to where? If not, how would you like me to provide them?
You can get your transcripts sent to yourself or directly to the university. As long as they are official (sealed) it's fine.

4)Just curious about payment- would an initial lump sum be required for the whole two years, or would participants be paying semester by semester (or however the course is scheduled)?
Pay as you go, so application fee 103-120 depending. Then each class as they happen and commencement fee.

5) When will the program begin?
We are aiming for this coming September 2020

6)Do you need to be American? Will the tuition change based on where you are from?
No, I'm Canadian and had zero issues. No, the tuition is set (and the same) for everyone in USD.

7) Do I have to be teaching or have a job related to education while I'm taking the courses?
To my knowledge no, two or three of my classmates were not teaching or in teaching-related fields. They found some aspects of the course more challenging but other than that no. As long as you meet the general admission requirements you should be fine.

8) When you were taking the program, were you required to buy any books or were modules/handouts provided? (Books are expensive haha so it will also be part of the budget)
Yes, there were book requirements but to save money some students bought books on Amazon or shared with a classmate (or... other things). Books were often tricky but not prohibitive, usually.
Most of the professors were sensitive to the fact that we live overseas and that books are not easily accessible so they would try to work around that. Some did insist we get particular books though.

9) Can I pay the application fee by credit card?
Yes, there is a form you can fill out or you can call Joyce directly and give her your credit card information over the phone.

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