Quest for Creativity 2021
Applications due Saturday, May 1st, 2021.
Q4C winner selected on Saturday, May 15th.

Please see our website for all additional info regarding Q4C:
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Please provide your video link (YouTube or Vimeo) of your choreography submission. The video must be under 4 minutes. *
The application fee is $40. Your application will not be finalized until you send in your payment. Please send in your payment via PayPal to *
I understand that while participating in the Young Artists Showcase, photographs or videotape of my image may occur. I hereby consent to my image and name being used by AIT and YAS for commerce, business, educational and/or entertainment purposes, without limitation. *
I understand that American Ice Theatre [AIT] its officials, employees and agents, officers, directors its subsidiaries cannot be responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by my participation in the Young Artists Showcase. With this knowledge, I consent to my participation in the Young Artists Showcase. I further consent to my participation in choreography projects and any other activity in connection with this program. I agree that I or anyone I enlist in connection with this program will not institute any legal action or assert any claim against AIT for any injury or damage experienced during Young Artists Showcase. I am in full understanding of, and will comply with policies as set forth by AIT. *
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