T H Rogers School Texan Kids Tri Team Sign-Up Sheet
Our TH Rogers Tri team is taking shape thanks to the enthusiasm from many of you! The goal is to help our kids get ready for the Texans event on April 27-28. Please take some time to fill out this form so that we can keep track of the T H ROGERS team members.

Race Registration: https://www.houstontexans.com/community/kids-triathlon/registration
TEAM NAME: T H ROGERS. Younger siblings and friends can sign up for our team as well. We will receive $10/participant (as long as we have a minimum of 10) in an educational grant back to our school.

We will be running alternating bike/run and swim/run sessions at 2pm on Saturdays starting Feb 16 2019.

If your kid is signed up to the Triathlon as part of the THR team, please sign up for the bootcamp! In addition to practicing, we should have fun doing this together! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DROP-OFF EVENT. Your child should always be accompanied by a parent/guardian due to safety reasons.

Please sign up by Feb 15th in order for parent coaches to estimate headcount

T H Rogers Texans Kids Triathlon Bootcamp Schedule
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