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Welcome to the application form for the fall edition of our #HerDigitalVisions program.

#HerDigitalVisions is a FREE after-school program for self-identified girls (ages 13-15) who want to make their mark on the digital world. Every week, we'll learn together about the digital world and then create a YouTube video for the new #HerDigitalVisions channel. That means be ready to meet new friends, have fun, learn, script, film, direct, act, and edit video, but you don't need prior experience. We're in this to learn together. Participants who complete the program will also receive a $75 honorarium for their work on the YouTube channel!

The program will run every Wednesday in November from 4-7pm. It will be held at the Hub, 251 East 11th Avenue in Mt. Pleasant.

Each session, we will provide a meal, equipment, space and mentors, but we'll need participants like you to make this program great. We welcome applications from all self-identified girls, including trans folks, ages 13-15.

Selection Process
#HerDigitalVisions is about bringing together, honouring and reflecting many different perspectives (or, visions), because we want our work together to:
- Reflect as much of the community as we can
- Open the possibility to hear from people who tend not to be heard

To do that, the program depends on participants who bring many different life experiences, backgrounds and points of view. Using these values, participants will be chosen based on:
- Enthusiasm for the program and passion about its goals
- Ability to commit to the program schedule (Wednesdays in November)
- Unique perspectives and life experiences
- Providing access to new opportunities for people who might not have alternative options

You can expect to hear from #HerDigitalVisions regarding your application by no later than Friday, October 21, 2016. If we offer you a spot in the program, but do not hear from you within 5 days to confirm your attendance, we will offer your spot to another applicant, so please check your email.

This program has limited spots, but we wish we could accept all applications. All applicants will receive information about future programs if they wish.

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Our program is short (5 workshops, 4-7pm, every Wednesday) so it's very important that participants come to each one, or they miss out on a big piece. Obviously, sometimes life happens and you can't make it, but we want everyone to check their schedule before they sign up.
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If you have any questions or need to add information, please contact herdigitalvisions@gmail.com
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