Season 1 Team Registration
Please make sure that ONE copy of this form is submitted for your team by your chosen captain.

Please make sure you read the Participation Agreement as well as the Ruleset according to the game you want to play.

General Participation Agreement:

You may send your individual Logo to a Head in our Discord. You can simply use your university logo for that or create your own!

Please send a proof of matriculation to a Head in our Discord as soon as possible!
Which people are on your team? (name + discord nick) *
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Which form of school are you visiting? *
Please provide us a link to the website of your university/school. (If you are an alumni enter the last university you visited) *
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Which country are you located in? *
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When will your university begin courses for the summer? *
Which games will your team be competing in? *
Please select only the options for which you are guaranteed to be fielding a team. If you would like to suggest a game (i.e. Pavlov or Space Junkies), feel free to enter it into the "Other" option.
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