Uniqueness Worksheet
“Life Purpose & Direction”
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We tap into our uniqueness and true potential when we allow ourselves to be who we were made to be. Give yourself permission to be who you really are…
What are your abilities & talents? My tools are: (see list below)
__Assembly __Administrating __Analyzing__Artistic__Acting__Accounting__Building__Clerical __Communication__Computing__Consulting __Cooking__Counseling__Decorating__Designing__Developing __Directing__Editing__Encouraging__Engineering __Facilitating__Hospitality __Implementing __Improving__Influencing__Leading __Languages__Managing__ Marketing__Mathematical__Mentoring__Motivating __Musical__Negotiating__Nursing__Operating__Organizing__Performing__Pioneering __Planning__Promoting __Recruiting__Repairing__Researching__Resourcing__Sales__Service__Speaking __Strategizing__Supervising__Teaching__Technical__Web Design__Writing
Motivators: How do you most enjoy using your gifts?
A person can be gifted at something but still not motivated to use those gifts. Many people we assume are lazy are really gifted people that are not motivated. They are not doing the thing that gives them life and enjoy doing.

Starting Place:
Look at the accomplishments and things that you have achieved and have done that you not only enjoyed doing but it also gave you great satisfaction at the same time.
List three significant life accomplishments or achievements:
List any common themes here:
List activities you have really enjoyed in your past.
List any opportunities you have been given in your life:
Looking back over your life themes- My top motivators are
Passion Quest: How will you use your gifts and motivators? What do you want to accomplish? What’s your passion? Who do you want to work with?
What gets you going? What burdens you? How would you like to make a difference in this life?
Who do you enjoy working with? Which groups do you most easily relate to or feel drawn to because of your experience or personal encounters?
If you weren’t afraid of failure and money wasn’t an object. If you had unlimited time and resources available to you, what would you do? What are some of your dreams? What dream have you had that you may have been afraid to share?
Could you take a step toward that dream? What does that step look like?
What about your life story? What have you learned? How could God use your pain or joys to help someone else? Who would you most want to help?
How can you use your gifts, motivators and passions now? Are there any volunteer opportunities you are interested in?
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