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Awaken this growing season by welcoming herbal plant allies in your gardens. In this course we will explore the many properties of common garden herbs and flowers, learn basic propagation methods, and discuss proper plant care strategies. We will use dried herbs to familiarize ourselves with these plants using herbal infusions such as teas, oils, syrups, and salves. This workshop series is free and open to the public, and we'll be prioritizing members of GreenThumb community gardens.

Dates: Sundays, 11:30-2:30
4/19- Introduction to propagation and Herbal Infusions (Tea)
4/26- Seed Starting (Sexual Propagation) and Herbal Infusions (Oils)
5/3- Cuttings and Divisions (Asexual Propagation) and Herbal Infusions (Decoctions and Syrups)
5/17- Harvesting, Processing, and Storage and Herbal Extracts (Tinctures)


Amara Ullauri (they/them) is an food justice organizer, educator and farmer currently teaching at KCC Urban Farm. Amara facilitates earth-based lessons that celebrate ancestral foodways, black and indigenous technologies and community resilience. Amara loves integrating herbs into gardens and farms as a way to reaffirm the healing potential of working with the earth. Amara immigrated to New York at the age of five from the Andes and continues to nourish their deep agrarian roots by farming in an urban landscape. Though navigating several positions, Amara strives to have three things in common: unconditional love for the land, compassion for all living things, and honoring our ancestors.

sára abdullah (she/they) is an indigenous SWANA/Pinxy non-binary femme Muslima dyke descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in plant medicine, healing, pleasure activism, magic, writing, and nurturing the creative spirit in herself and others. As a poet, storyteller, cultural organizer, and healing artist, she is committed to radical softness, (re)membering embodied knowledge, and building collective liberation.

She is the vision holder of earth seed holistic, a healing practice and consultancy that provides botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity support, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and knowledge shares centered in plant medicine, cosmic wisdom, and nurturing the creative spirit.,
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