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On Friday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 12th, the following organizations will host a Multicultural Fair: Hispanic Student Association; Black Student Union; Southeast Asian Student Association; Muslim Student Association; Student Equity Committee; Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese Clubs.  Please note: October 8th and October 12th have been designated "no new instruction/makeup work" days by the Lightridge Administration.

As part of our celebration, we'd like members of our Lightridge Family to share their special and unique stories.  Were you born or have you lived in another country?  Do you have a story to share with our students?  If so, please consider volunteering in the Lightridge Library as a "Living Book".  You'll come to the library to talk with small groups of students and answer questions about your life.  You may bring artifacts or photos that help us better understand your history, do a dance or craft demonstration, or share anything that helps bring your story to life!  Stories unite us, build empathy, and build relationships.  We want to hear YOURS!  :)

Please complete this form to become one of our "Living Books."  Lightridge Staff - If you have a family or friend willing and able to share their story, please forward this form to them.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen Schrader ( in the Counseling Office, or Amy Ivory ( or Jenna Lombardo ( in the Lightridge Library.  One of us will contact you with further scheduling details once we receive your form.  Thank you!
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Please type a few sentences to describe yourself and your story.  What will you share with the students (artifacts, your story, dance, craft, cooking demo, etc)?  We will use this information to publicize our fair! *
Please choose up to 2 time blocks that best fit your schedule for sharing your story in person in the Lightridge Library on Friday, October 8th and/or Tuesday, October 12th.  October 8th is an A day.  October 12th is a B day.  You can choose 2 blocks on the same day, or 1 A-day block and 1 B-day block.   *
What is the best way to contact you so we may communicate about your specific needs during your time with our students?  Please type "email" and add your email address or "phone" and add your phone number. *
Do you have any questions or is there anything else you'd like us to know at this time?
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