WeSA Festival 2024 : Sound is the New Music
Call for Works
2024 WeSA Festival
Sound is the New Music

The 2024 WeSA Festival proudly announces its theme: "Sound is the New Music," a continuation of our commitment from 2023. For a decade since its inception in 2014, WeSA has boldly navigated the frontiers and uncharted realms of sound. We firmly believe in the transformative power of sound, capable of evoking emotions and sparking imagination beyond the confines of traditional melodies and rhythms. This mantra, "Sound is the New Music," encapsulates the essence of WeSA's mission.

In 2024, WeSA eagerly awaits submissions from artists who resonate with this vision. Our aim is to curate a festival of auditory experiences that transcend the limitations of words and musical notes, stimulating unique sensibilities and unleashing boundless imagination. We welcome submissions that embrace the potency of sound, aiming to connect with audiences through auditory exploration and the pursuit of 'new music'. We anticipate the participation of numerous artists ready to embark on a journey that transcends conventional musical boundaries.

       ▫ Categories for Submission:
       - Music/Sound
       - Audiovisual Works
       - Media Art Works
       Collaborative works by two or more individual artists are encouraged. 
       Only performance-based works will be considered for submission.

       ▫ Submission Requirements: 
       Interested artists are required to submit a PDF document containing the following details:
       - Artist Introduction: Name, brief introduction, and email address
       - Introduction of the Submitted Work: Title, description, and presentation plan
       - Relevant materials, if applicable

       ▫ How to Submit: 
       Google Form

       ▫ Submission Deadline: 
       All submissions must be received by August 30, 2024, 18:00 KST

* The judging process will be conducted with utmost fairness. Selected artists will receive performance fees and the opportunity to showcase their works at the festival. 
* Selected artists are required to refrain from scheduling performances in Korea for one month before and after the WeSA Festival. 
* The festival is scheduled to take place in December 2024.
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WeSA Festival 2024 : Sound is the New Music
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<WeSA Festival 2024 Application Submission Guide (Must Read)>
1. Please upload your application to a personal drive and submit it via link.
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2. The application format is flexible. Please include artist introduction, work description in text, photos, and audio/video(*LINK*).

3. When filling out the application, pay attention to the video or audio links. Upload to a streaming site and include the links in the application (original files will not be accepted).
       ▫︎ Examples of streaming sites: SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo…

4. Please pay attention to the sharing settings when submitting the application link. If sharing settings are not enabled, your application may be excluded from evaluation.

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