Parkrose Chromebook Request Form
Families and Students,

As the current closure situation continues to develop, we are trying to determine the best ways to provide extended support during this closure due to COVID-19. Parkrose does not have enough Chromebooks to provide to all students at this time. However, we do want to provide Chromebook support to those who do not have access to a device at home. A Chromebook can be a way to stay in contact with teachers and peers during this extended closure.

We will be constructing paper and pencil activities as well to ensure opportunities for all students and our goal is to have materials and lessons ready by Wednesday, April 1st. In the meantime, we have provided a school resource page for your use that is linked to our website.

To try and ensure access for all Parkrose students, we have created the form below for you to fill out if your household needs to borrow a device. We would only be able to provide one per household at this time. Please complete this form if you need a device.

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By selecting the yes box below, you acknowledge that you would like your student(s) to have a device loaned to them from Parkrose School District. You also acknowledge to return the device when school resumes, or at a time when the district requests its return, and that you will return the device and power cables complete and in good working order. Any failure to return a working device or one with missing cables may result in the need to replace them at your expense.
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