2021 Oakland Voices Application
The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education is now accepting applications for the eighth cohort of Oakland Voices, designed to empower Oakland residents through newswriting, photography, and community storytelling.

Oakland Voices correspondents will be expected to attend virtual meetings throughout the six-month program. There will be a two-day orientation at the start of the project. We will also hold regular, 2-hour newsroom meetings once a month, as well as three half-day training sessions.

Correspondents will receive training and report on a range of issues highlighting the triumphs and challenges of life in the Town. Stories by correspondents will be published on OaklandVoices.us.

The 2021 cohort is completely virtual--with the possibility of an in-person graduation, if public health conditions change.

Correspondents will receive a $1,000 stipend for participation and completing assignments.

Any Oakland resident who is a high school senior or older is eligible.
Unhoused residents, low-income and communities of color encouraged.

Sunday, May 23, 2021, 7pm PST

Contact Oakland Voices Coordinator Rasheed Shabazz with questions: OaklandVoices@gmail.com, 510-863-1695.
Part 1: Basics
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To help us recruit a group of correspondents that represents the gender, racial, and age diversity of Oakland communities, please let us know the following:
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Part 2: More About You
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In the box below, please enter the highest level of education you have completed. Indicate the name of the institution, the year of completion, degree or diploma earned, and major. Tell us about any specialty education you have completed, such as culinary school or a mechanic's certification.
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Interest, activities, organizations: Please tell us what you like to do with your time - any groups or organizations to which you belong, or any activities you enjoy.
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Your story: Please tell us in 300 words some things you want us to know about you.
Part 3: Issues
News is happening all of the time; it's all around you. Sometimes, you see or hear about issues that you think deserve more media attention. Here is your chance.
The Issues: *
This is the writing section - a required part of your application. Please share a short story about an experience you had or an observation you've made since COVID-19 and shelter-in-place. The story must be 250-300 words. As a correspondent, you will be asked to find and write about topics impacting your area, so in each story please give us a strong sense of what is important to you. Take time to think seriously about and then write with some detail on issues in your community or neighborhood. They may affect you directly or personally, but they don't have to.
Hidden stories *
Tell us about an issue, topic, or concern that is not being reported or told. What is a topic you are interested in writing about and tell us how you would tell this story? Please keep to 250-300 words.
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