Form For Submitting Videos to Access Consciousness TV (ACTV)
First, we want to truly thank you for your interest in ACTV and your willingness to submit a video! It is because of wonderful beings like you that ACTV is possible.

Note: There is a lot of information here in this form. Please take the time to read it carefully so you know what you are agreeing to by submitting your video.

What Is ACTV?

The network is primarily a source of entertainment; a conscious COMEDY channel.

All Submitted Content Must Be:

- Funny
- Not Boring
- Not Serious

- No clips, videos, or shows longer than 10 minutes will be accepted. There is no minimum length.
- No “inside jokes”. ACTV includes everyone. If your clip, video, or show only applies to a specific group or community it will not be broadcast.
- Don't worry about the quality of the video footage, especially in the first round of shows, but horizontal footage is preferred to vertical footage.
- Keep it interesting. Change something every 30 seconds or less (examples: change the angle of the shot, add a still image, switch to “b-roll”, add music or take music away)


- We cannot guarantee your clip, video, or show will be used right away, in the future, or at all.
- By submitting your clip, video, or show, you give ACTV rights to distribute the clip, video, or show in any way.
- You understand you will not be paid for your submission whether or not we use your clip, video, or show
- If your clip, video, or show is broadcast, you and ACTV both have the right to remove the clip, video, or show at anytime for any reason. (To have your video removed, email


You assure with your signature in the link below that you have not submitted to us any copyrighted materials of any kind that you do not have the rights to distribute (including, but not limited to music, video, sounds, pictures, and images).


To have your video submission considered for broadcast, please read the document below carefully. If and only if you agree, then please sign before you submit your video.


If you have questions about ACTV, this form, video submissions, or the document, please email us at

Data Protection Policies:
Access Consciousness TV (ACTV) is a project of Access Consciousness LLC. Our Data Protection policies, declaration, terms and conditions can be found here:

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