Are you ready for a Paw Pad Doodle?
Let's see if adopting a puppy is the right thing for you and your family right now.
Do you or anyone in your household have pet allergies?
We want to help you decide what variation of a doodle would be best if you or someone in your home has pet allergies. Multigenerational breeds are even more hypoallergenic for the more severe allergies.
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Does everyone in your family want a new puppy?
Introducing a puppy into an apprehensive environment can be both stressful for the puppy and the family.
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Do you have a fenced-in yard or enough space for a puppy to adequately run and play?
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Will you have time for a new puppy?
This is a very important question. A puppy needs mid-day breaks and playtime as well as 3 meals a day (for the first 4 months)
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Do you have the finances to cover a puppy's expenses?
This is also a very important question. A puppy comes with many financial needs. Puppy shots, annual vaccinations, monthly heart-worm medication, crate, bedding, toys, food, grooming products, boarding, etc.
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Are you committed to taking care of your puppy for it's lifetime?
They may not live as long as people but they can live up to 14+ years.
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Will you be enrolling your puppy in a potty training course and an obedience class?
We highly recommend both to insure the best experience overall when adding a puppy to your family.
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