Serious Gaming Cluster Finland ry - Membership Application
Registered Association (Reg.Nro 213.355)
Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (ry) is an association for companies, that are making games other than pure entertainment. Games, that have a purpose to develop the human being in areas of education, wellness, environment, simulation or gamification.
Full Member can be a legal company, sole proprietor (tmi) or business society, with clear focus on developing serious games. Full Member has a right to vote about decisions concerning the association. Full Members are listed with descriptions & short game introductions in Cluster's web-page and e-material in 'members' & 'our games' section with contact details and needed links.

Support Member can be a single person Indie Developer or any person, company or organization with great interest towards Serious Gaming. Support Member has a right to join meetings & events and give opinion about decisions. Organizational or Indie Support Members are listed in Cluster's web-page in 'support members' section.

Both Full & Support Members have free access to all events arranged by Serious Gaming Cluster. Both are within the internal communication, including emails & social media (internal).

Official rules of the association (in Finnish):

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