Educated Recruitment Teacher Resource Survey
Thank you for taking your time to complete our survey.

This survey is to enable us to find out more about the most used social platforms and resource sites used by teachers.

Since Educated Recruitment started 7 years ago, we now proudly supply the whole of the South West and work with hundreds of schools with ongoing high demand for teachers and TAs!

By completing this survey, you are assisting us with finding new ways to network with teachers looking for work and enabling us to support them by sharing resources, saving precious time that can be lost trying to find suitable planning.
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Select the teacher resource sites you are familiar with.
Do you use social media to find teaching resources? Either for supply or in previous teaching positions.
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If yes, please specify. Please include any influencers or popular social media accounts that you follow.
What tools do you use to create your own teaching resources? Either as a supply teacher or from previous permanent employment.
Where do you or did you tend to purchase resources for teaching? Please specify websites, stores, and online platforms.
Would free teacher resources be helpful?
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If so, what would you like to receive?
If you would like to be entered into the draw for completing both surveys, please enter your name and email below.
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