TEQIP-III online course on "Linear Algebra and Its Applications"
This short online course from Dec 16-20, 2020, covers the basics of Linear Algebra and its applications. The course is open only to faculty members of engineering and science departments at TEQIP-III institutes. The number of participants is limited to 50.

Note: Submission of this form does not guarantee participation.

Deadline: Nov 30, 2020.
Selected participants will be informed by Dec 5, 2020.
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Transaction number for a REFUNDABLE security deposit of Rs. 1,000 into IIT Delhi CEP account (see details on http://cepqip.iitd.ac.in/payment.php). Single line text. Only when a participant will attend 80% of the sessions, will they: 1. Get a refund for their security deposit 2. Be sent a hard copy of the participation certificate. *
Declaration: I confirm that (a) I have the required Audio/Video facilities (hardware and suitable bandwidth) to attend this TEQIP-III course online (b) I will email (to algbra.iitd@gmail.com) a scanned copy (PDF) of a letter signed and stamped by a competent authority at my institute which states that (i) the institute is under TEQIP-III, (ii) I am a faculty, and (iii) I am permitted to attend the TEQIP-III funded course on “Linear Algebra and its Applications” at IIT Delhi (online) during Dec 16-20, 2020. (c) All information supplied by me is correct. *
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