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Too often, the communities of North-Central Calgary seem to be ignored when decisions around infrastructure funding are concerned. While I, and other community leaders, have advocated loudly for the needs of our community, with some great success, we must continue to work hard to advance our community’s priorities. In order for the leaders of our community to advance our causes it is important that we all speak with one voice on these issues.

That is why I would like to hear from you about what you believe the infrastructure priorities of North-Central Calgary are in the short and long-term. In encourage you to complete the survey below and send me your comments. I, along with other community leaders and organisations, will continue to work together to amplify your voices as we work to move important projects forward.

Which community do you live in:
# of adults in home:
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In your opinion, what is the #1 issue facing communities in North-Central Calgary?
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Of the items listed below, please rank from 1-10 (1 being the highest), the infrastructure priorities for North-Central Calgary:
Green Line LRT
Community Meeting space
North Central Highschool
Flood mitigation projects
Urgent care/healthcare facilities
Cultural gathering & meeting space
Vivo expansion (recreation and meeting space)
Road & overpass infrastructure
Settlement services for new Canadians
Other (Please list below on next question)
"Other" item as stated in the previous question (if applicable)
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How am I doing as your representative in Ottawa?
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What could I be doing better?
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