Transportation Fairness Portland Survey
Which service(s) do you drive for? *
How long have you been driving for a transportation network company (TNC)? *
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Aside from TNC driving, how would you describe your employment status? *
On average, how many hours per week are you in "driver mode?" *
What is your typical weekly take-home pay from driving? (before expenses) *
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Do you spend any money on additional amenities (e.g. snacks,drinks,chargers)? If so how much? *
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Is the rating system fair? *
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What concerns do you have about car insurance?
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Have you ever had a car accident while driving for Uber/Lyft?
Do you think TNC’s prioritize your safety before customers?
In some states, TNCs have shared ride options where drivers pick up other riders throughout their rout. Riders pay up to 60% less. Is this something you would like to see in Portland?
Last year Lyft’s commission percentage went from 20% to 25%. Do you think TNC’s should have the ability to change commissions without drivers input?
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