Options for a Carbon Neutral Campus Report: Feedback Form
Please indicate your affiliation with Cornell University to help us understand which part of the community is providing feedback on the report. The questions below are all optional - please respond to those you would like to provide feedback on. Your comments are welcome and valuable to the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group.

Feedback on the report can be anonymous. If you would like to provide contact information, this will better allow the membership of the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group to better understand and respond to questions as they relate to your particular affiliation and interests.

Read the Report: climateaction.cornell.edu

Do you support the recommendations of the report, broadly?
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Do you support the following recommendations of the report?
Adopting a quadruple bottom line framework for evaluating projects (People, Prosperity, Planet, and Purpose)
Adopting a social cost of carbon
Measuring our upstream climate impact from natural gas use
Invest today in advancing energy conservation programs
Invest today in advancing campus engagement on energy and climate change
Ensure all students graduate with an understanding of climate change literacy
Strive for 100% electricity supply to come from renewable energy sources
Evaluate Earth Source Heat & ground source heat pumps as heating solutions
Adopt rigorous green building / energy standards for existing buildings and new construction
Pursue partnerships which benefit our local and regional partners
If "no" on any of the above recommendations, why?
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Is there anything missing from the report (i.e. a particular solution, program, or strategy which will help us meet our carbon neutrality goal by 2035?)
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Do we need more information or analysis on something in the report before proceeding with implementation?
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General report feedback:
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Question you would like answered about the report:
These will be compiled for the Community Forum on October 31st, 5-6pm during which members of the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group will present on the report and provide an open forum for discussion.
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