SFS Concerts Survey
While the COVID-19 pandemic required that we move our concert series online, Seattle Folklore Society (SFS) hope to get back soon to presenting artists in person. Please help us gauge audience interest in attending live concerts in 2021.
Before 2020, overall approximately how many live indoor concerts did you attend per year?
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Before 2020, approximately how many live SFS concerts did you attend per year, indoor at Phinney Center?
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Have you attended any virtual concerts in the last year?
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If yes, were any of those virtual concerts presented by SFS?
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If you attended virtual concerts, do you have any feedback about what did and didn't work for you, or what you liked or disliked about them?
If SFS concerts at Phinney Center were to resume in Fall 2021 and an artist you are interested in were playing, how likely would you be to attend in person?
Definitely would not attend
Definitely would attend
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What public health measures, if any, would make you more likely to attend a concert in person this fall? Check any of those below.
Is there any other reason you would not attend a live SFS concert this fall? Please list any and/or ways to address them.
If SFS concerts at Phinney Center were to resume in Fall 2021 and there were an option to watch online via a live stream, would you watch the live stream of a performer you are interested in?
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If you would watch a live stream of a concert happening with a live audience, how important is it that you be watching live as the concert happens? Would you be interested in watching a recording posted the next day, if the tradeoff were that recordings are higher quality than live streams? (Leave this blank if you wouldn't watch a concert online at all.)
If SFS concerts at Phinney Center were to resume in Fall 2021, how interested would you be in watching online-only concerts from artists who can't travel to give live concerts?
Not at all interested
Very interested
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Do you have any thoughts about in-person or virtual concerts you'd like to share with the SFS concert committee?
What is your ZIP code?
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