Life Coaching with a Certified Professional Life Coach
Welcome to LIFE COACHING! :)

We are not therapy or counseling, but we offer life coaching to accomplish what you are looking for toward your journey in personal transformation.


**No matter which options you choose, you ALWAYS get one complimentary 20-minute consultation call.**

*PLAN 1: $170/month gets you four 1- hour phone calls each week. (Phone/Zoom per your request)

- A custom email recap of items discussed during each session
- Access to the coach via email & text throughout your month for Q&A, tips, and feedback
- The coach will offer creative COVID safe ways to practice your goals
- The coach will offer resources from Youtube and authors speaking on the topic
- The coach will offer an activity twice a month as homework for the client to apply towards personal growth
- Optional prayer & Biblical truths to share that align with your goals

*ONE TIME PLAN* 1-time sessions for $39.99, for a 45-minute call. (Phone Call)
- Once the consultation concludes, the coach will email the client an email of related topics to cover during the
No emailed notes, no access for Q&A or text.

*20 Minute refresher* - $20 - any client or former client can access 2 refresher calls/month to call and follow up about a topic we've discussed in the past.

Life Coaching PLAN 1 will operate in a 4 week cycle:
1. Where are YOU? (assessment)
2. Where are you hoping to go? (creating a plan)
3. How do you want to transform? (transformation track)
4. How is the growth going? (where has transformation taken place)

On average, clients who invest 2-3 months see growth, and personal transformation.
Many clients continue working on steps 2 & 3 till their goals are met.

Invest in yourself now.

I cannot wait to meet you!


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2. Monarch Connections contacts you for your consultation call.

3. We will send you an invoice via Paypal if you decide to move forward. (We are open to payment plans)

Transformation begins!
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