OWASP ZAP Questionnaire
This is a questionnaire for users of the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/ZAP

There are 5 pages of questions, covering your background, the ZAP features, the HUD, documentation and general feedback.
All of the questions are optional, but the more you answer the better we (the ZAP developers) will be able to understand who uses ZAP, how you use it and how we can make it better for you.
All feedback is appreciated!

Please note that some of the answers will be made public so please do not include any information that you would not want generally visible on the internet.

If you'd like help with ZAP then please post to the ZAP User Group: https://groups.google.com/group/zaproxy-users
What is your primary role?
Clear selection
How long have you been involved in application security?
Clear selection
How did you first hear about ZAP?
How often do you use ZAP?
Clear selection
What do you mainly use ZAP for?
What platform do you usually use ZAP on?
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What version of Java are you using?
Clear selection
Which variant of Java do you use?
e.g. OpenJDK, OracleJDK
Which version of ZAP are you currently using?
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If you are not using the latest version of ZAP (currently 2.9.0), why not?
Which browser(s) do you use with ZAP?
What language do you use for ZAP?
Would you like ZAP to be translated to any language in addition to those above?
If so state which language.
How well do you think ZAP is suited to people new to application security?
How well do you think ZAP is suited to security professionals?
Would you recommend ZAP to a friend or colleague?
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