Music Research - The Hales
Please spend a few minutes answering the following simple and fun questions that will help us decide what to do with our music. This survey is anonymous, so please be brutally honest! :) In case you are reading this and you've never heard our music, you can find the latest here:
How long have you been listening to Nathan and Amber's music?
Please describe Nathan and Amber's music in one sentence or less:
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Would you listen to Nathan and Amber's music even if you didn't know them personally?
What type of project(s) would you like to hear Nathan and Amber work on in the future?
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How does Nathan and Amber's music make you feel?
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How much would you be willing to pay for Nathan and Amber's music?
How do you feel about sharing Nathan and Amber's music?
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What do you like about Nathan and Amber's music?
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What do you dislike about Nathan and Amber's music? What improvements could be made? What would you like to see change?
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Which of the following would you be interested in (if any)?
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