All Hubs Summit 2020: Call For Host Partners
With the recent announcement of the second phase of the Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs, we are excited to launch our first-ever All Hubs Summit in May/June 2020!

Taking the place of our regional All Hands meetings every other year, this All Hubs Summit is a new opportunity to connect and showcase data science activities, programs, and initiatives at a national scale. Join us, along with the National Science Foundation and our growing multi-sector community, to spark new collaborations, share your latest successes and lessons learned, and contribute to the future of the #BDHubs!

Interested in partnering with us for this inaugural event? Do you know of a great venue for the Summit?

This form is to gather interest from HOST PARTNERS and explore locations for the summit. Please feel free to share this page with any data enthusiasts and organizations who would benefit from co-hosting this collaborative flagship event and serving on the program committee.

* Increase the visibility of your organization/institution and local region within the national network
* Connect with a dynamic community of data science collaborators from government, academia, nonprofits, and industry
* Amplify the reach and impact of co-located local events and efforts

All four Hubs have allocated budget and personnel for a one-day public and livestreamed Summit, and are interested in additional pre- and post-summit activities that leverage the opportunity to convene the community. We may help pair interested host partners with others in the vicinity, to encourage a diverse local host team that will work alongside the Hubs as the event program committee.

Priority consideration will be given for submissions received by Jan. 15, 2020; earlier submissions appreciated!

Questions or comments beyond the form fields? Please feel free to contact Meredith Lee and Rene Baston ( and, who look forward to working with you on behalf of the national network.

We’re excited to connect with you now, in 2020, and beyond. Thank you!

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