Troubling the Waters
Dear Troubling the Waters participant;

“Troubling the Waters for the Healing of the Church” strives to provide ELCA members and congregations with an understanding of the power, privilege, and prejudice that belong to us as White Christians. This is to help us move from persons of privilege to partners in building a more inclusive and multicultural church and a more just world.

We are nearing the halfway point in our times together. With a view to improving our presentations, it would be very helpful to the Adult Education Committee to have your input on the sessions we have presented so far.

To this end, thank you for answering the questions in the following poll. The polling software does not make responder identifying information available so your reply is anonymous.
Are the sessions helping you gain an understanding of what it means to be a White Christian in today’s world? *
We currently meet for 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours. Is this meeting time satisfactory to you? *
Our format is an introductory, explanatory talk, followed by small group discussion, followed by large group discussion. Is this format satisfactory to you? *
Have you/do you read the Participant’s Section that accompanies the “Troubling the Waters” materials? *
Would you recommend our presentations to others? *
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