Kickstand Comedy Internship Application
WELCOME TO KICKSTAND COMEDY—the fastest growing improv training center in Portland!!!

If you're here then you must be interested in learning how to make sweet sweet comedy, and maybe meet some awesome people along the way too!

Internships are a great opportunity to help out at Kickstand Comedy AND watch a lot of free shows. This gives you a chance to see all the classroom skills you are learning in action, live on stage! While working box office or concessions you'll get to see a variety of local and national comedy acts from a wide variety of developing and experienced performers—improv, stand-up, sketch, and more!

Our interns have seen and worked shows such as: Weekly stand up and improv showcases, Touring comics, The Portland Queer Comedy Fest, Comedy benefit shows like Revolution Comedy and Comedy Really Cares raising money for great nonprofits like SARC, Project Corazon, Amazon Watch and more, and The Stumptown Improv Festival Kickoff Show.

**Our next round of improv classes starts the week of Monday, October 21, 2019.
The deadline for completing this application is Thursday, October 17, 2019.**

At Kickstand, we strive to use comedy as a platform to both build up and bring together our community—by celebrating both the things that bind us together and those that make us individuals.

Unfortunately, the comedy community doesn’t currently reflect ALL the people who make Portland great, and we believe that does a disservice to comedy at all levels.

With the Kickstand Comedy Scholarship, we are working to increase representation and opportunity in our theater for historically marginalized identities. Too many aspiring comedians have gone unseen because they didn’t see their faces, bodies, and experiences reflected on stage. And when any portion of Portland isn’t getting space to express their truth, dignity, and worldview—the whole community misses out on growing together.

We understand that scholarships are only a part of the equation when it comes to increasing representation at our theater, but we hope it that decreasing the financial barrier of entry can act as a catalyst to more and more unique voices contributing to the greater comedy community.

To transform and enrich the lives of performers and audiences through comedy. We address the ongoing needs of the community and its diverse perspectives through dynamic shows and community outreach events—creating equity across our organization and beyond while providing opportunities for performance, education, and laughter.

•Our internships are one way we work to eliminate financial barriers to seeing and doing comedy, and we are excited to get new voices on our comedy stage.

•Full Internship—In exchange for working 5 full nights at the theater, or 10 individual shows (approx. 2 hours per show) over a 10-week period tuition is reduced to $75.00

•Partial Internship—In exchange for working 5 individual shows (approx. 2 hours per show) over a 10 week period tuition is reduced to $150.00

•Specialty Skill Internship—On occasion, we need special skills to assist in developing our theater. Examples include, but aren’t limited to: photography, plumbing, carpentry, construction, painting, graphic design, marketing expertise, etc. Specialty Skills Internships are awarded on an as-needed basis. Tuition coverage is determined after a scope of work has been agreed upon by the intern and our Artistic Director.

*All interns recipients must remain in good standing with the Kickstand Comedy Harassment and Attendance policies (students in violation of either policy are at risk of loss of Internship).*

**Once a student’s internship (partial or full) has been awarded, they are responsible for the total completion of assigned shifts before the start of the following session. If an intern misses a shift they will need to make it up at another time.**
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