321 Education Foundation - SPM Application Form
Thank you for your interest in applying to 321.

> In this form, you will find questions about your details, general questions & role related questions (including a 5 min video response activity)
> Before starting to fill the form, kindly go through it entirely once to get an overview and time estimate to finish the same.
> This form does not save your information as you progress. Hence, we recommend you to maintain a backup copy of your responses to avoid loss of information due to any technical issue. In case of any major technical issues, email Harsh at harsh.swaminarayan@321-foundation.org

> Job Description: http://tiny.cc/321JDs_19-20
> Website: 321-foundation.org

> There are a total of 4 rounds - this application form and then 3 (30 to 60 mins) video call interviews.
> Before the 2nd video call interview, phone interviews (20-30 mins) will take place with your references.
> The entire cycle will take 2-3 weeks atleast. All the best!

Basic Information
Kindly enter in CAPITAL LETTERS and include the initial of your middle name. This will help us give unique IDs to applicants and process applications more efficiently. Example : HARSH M. SWAMINARAYAN.
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Joining Details
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We currently operate in 3 cities: Hyderabad, Mumbai & Bangalore. Kindly choose your preference.
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Is the salary range mentioned in this role's JD agreeable to you? *
If not agreeable, kindly mention the reason in "Other".
If recruited, when can you join us? *
Are there any personal or professional reasons because of which you might leave 321 before completing 3 years of working with us? *
At 321, we invest a lot in our team members because empowering them is critical towards operationalising our mission. Hence, we are on a look out for people who are willing to commit for long term. If you are unable to commit for the same, kindly mention your reasons in the 'Other' box.
List all your completed degrees in reverse chronological order *
Enter each degree on a new line. FORMAT: Degree's name - Institution's name - Start month & year - End month & year.
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Work Experience
Share your work experience in reverse chronological order *
Enter each work experience on a new line. FORMAT: Designation - Organisation's Name - Start month & year - End month & year - 3 main responsibilities fulfilled. Note: In case of no full time work experience, kindly mention your internship experience.
Current or last place of work *
Have you informed your current employment organization that you are applying to 321? *
One of the golden rules of management is to treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself. Therefore we request you to kindly inform your current employment organization that you’re applying to 321. That is what we would expect of our team members as well. (If not informed, mention your reason in "Other..." option)
General Questions
Why do you want to work at 321 Education Foundation? *
Kindly share in approx. 200 words.
What is the hardest problem you have ever solved? *
What were all the reasons which made this the hardest problem? *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
What were all the actions you did towards solving it? *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
Role Related Questions
Tell us 3 skills of yours which will help you succeed in this role *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
Tell us your 3 past experiences in which you have performed responsibilities (in full/part) of this role *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
Video Response: Take a video of yourself convincing us why we should hire you as SPM at 321. *
Do talk about "Why are you interested in this role?" in your video response to this question. ------------------ Maximum duration of the video recording is 5 mins. In case of issues in uploading the video in this form, kindly upload it in your google drive or other cloud services and share viewable link via email to harsh.swaminarayan@321-foundation.org (ensure permission is set to "anyone with the link can view")
Role Related Situation Questions: As 321's SPM, there is a school owner who is not agreeing to sign up for 321's Ignite! program.
1. What are all the reasons causing this situation? *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
2. What are all the actions you can do towards getting him to sign up for the program? *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
3. How would you prioritize these actions? *
Kindly share in approx. 250-300 words.
Critical Reminder
Kindly ensure that you have uploaded your video response as mentioned in the previous section and have a backup copy of your responses in a separate document.
Have you uploaded your video response? *
Do you have a backup copy of your responses to avoid data loss in case of any technical/internet issues? *
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