Opportunities for Bipartisan Tech Policy: Attendee Survey
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For reference, the agenda may be found here: https://nextcenturycities.org/event/bipartisan-tech-2020/
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Introduction to Next Century Cities by Member Municipalities *
The Digital Divide, Then and Now with Larry Irving *
NCC's Broadband Advocate Videos (Part I and II) *
Morning Keynote with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks *
Panel Discussion: Broadband Access Versus Broadband Subscriptions - The Difference and Why It Matters *
How Smart Cities Can Be More Accessible for People With Disabilities with James Thurston *
Student Tech Talk: How Access to Technology Impacts Outcomes for Students *
Panel: Creating Accurate and Reliable Broadband Deployment Data *
NCC Member Impact Story with Aldona Valicenti *
Expanding Broadband Connectivity for African-American Communities in the Rural South with Francine E. Alkisswani, Ph.D. *
Fireside Chat with FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel *
Panel: We're on Our Own for Infrastructure *
Current State of Privacy Regulation and the Issues Facing Policymakers with Benjamin Rossen *
Panel: Platform Regulations - Where Should Congress Start? *
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