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This form allows you to submit some basic health information and contact details to the practice as part of your registration process. Your answers will be added to your medical record. This may take 20-30 minutes.

You can enter your height, weight and blood pressure readings, and fill out a medication review (if relevant).
It will be helpful to know your
- NHS number (England & Wales)
- CHI number (Scotland)
- Health & Care number (N Ireland)
These are commonly found on NHS letters and prescriptions. In England and Wales you can check

BLOOD PRESSURE (optional): If you regularly monitor your blood pressure, you can submit recent readings here. Ideally measure your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening, each time taking two readings while sat down, 1 minute apart. Continue measurements twice daily for at least 4 days and ideally for 7. If you want to submit your readings it works best to collect them all before completing this form.

SAFETY: Your answers will be attached to your medical record but may not be seen immediately. This system should never be used if you are in need of urgent medical attention. In this event, please contact the appropriate services (999 or 111) or the practice as normal.
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