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Action Option A: Make Calls to Georgia Voters!
Georgians need encouragement to participate in these runoff elections and vote for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. All they're waiting for is a call from YOU!
Which Tuesday Action Nights will you attend?
Which Pride & Reproductive Rights Nights will you attend?
Which Saturday College Nights will you attend? (Alumni welcome & encouraged!)
All phone banking sessions will be held at the virtual field office zoom, and you will receive an email from us the day of your shift with this same link!
Action Option B: Make Calls to Georgia Schools
This option may be especially appealing to the educators among us. We are helping a coalition of Georgia educators call school administrators in target counties and give them resources to give their staff, students, and parents information about voting. They need some extra volunteer callers and you'll get more information about what to say and who to call after you sign up!
Do you want to help this coalition of Georgia educators contact school administrators?
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Action Option C: Write Letters to Encourage Campaign Staff
The Georgia campaign staff are now working in "overtime" for this runoff election, after already working hard throughout 2020. They need some support to finish strong. Take some time to send them a note of encouragement in the mail! We'll send you more details when you sign up.
Will you write letters to Shivani's canvassers in Georgia?
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Are you ready to finish what we started and FLIP the Senate Blue ?? 👏 🍑 💙 *
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Reach out to the organizers of this event,
Amanda Pirani: amanda_pirani@aol.com
Charles Skold: chair@portlanddems.org
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