WSHS APS Community Service Hours Log
Google form designed to allow Woodbridge APS students to electronically enter community service hours.

*If this form is filled out incorrectly, then your hours will not be logged. Please take your time!!! It is also a great idea to have a paper copy of your recorded hours as a backup to this electronic log!*

Please enter your information in hours and minutes. Enter all hours for the same project at one time and in hour and half-hour increments. Round up to the nearest half hour.

Example: A project that took you 1 hour and 30 minutes, please enter 1.5 hours.
A project that took you 1 hour and 46 minutes, please enter 2 hours.

Keep a record of your hours for your own reference. Hours may be entered at any time, but should be submitted by May 31 of each corresponding year. Additional hours may be entered during the summer.

*Paper hours will not be accepted. Please enter all hours online.*

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Hours Completed
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Year of Graduation
Date of Service
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Type of Service (Project Description)
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Supervisor's Name
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Supervisor's Phone Number
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