When you partner us you also help to impact lives globally through our CSR programs to empower youth, women, people with special needs, refugees among others.

Briefly, LTT Global is a global pioneer and a world class award wining mobile learning company. Our vision is to empower individuals and transform organizations in a simple and easy way by making learning/training accessible and affordable.
When you partner us you also help to impact lives globally through our CSR programs to empower youth, women, people with special needs, refugees among others.

LTT Global is a key learning partner for projects among others in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Liberia, Uganda, India and Nigeria..

According to a report by Rakuten, conducted by Forester Consulting, affiliate marketing spending is projected to reach $6.8 BILLION by 2020!

The biggest trusted global brands in the world including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and many more are now offering affiliate partnerships to turn website visitors into cash.


What is an Affiliate?
Affiliate Marketing is the process by which you earn a commission by promoting our company services.

Why be an Affiliate?
With the comfort of Internet, you could even run an online business from home – “work from anywhere” and “work at any time”.

I. You can work less than 90-minutes a day.
II. You don’t need to quit your full-time job.
III.Have your own online business to achieve your dream goals in life.

Affiliate marketing works like below
1. Joins as an affiliate
2. Attends briefing online or at site.
3. Receives marketing & training materials.
4. Affiliate promotes company services
5. User buys company services
6. Purchase is tracked by the Affiliate Introducer ID
7. Affiliate earns revenue share of 20% for each paid transaction.

Start Now it is as easy as 123!
* You don’t need any technical knowledge or any programming skills.
* You don’t need more money.
* You don’t need to spend a lot of your valuable hours.
* Only the basic knowledge of using the web is well enough and you can work from anywhere – work at any time.

Step 1: Mindset

The most common problem as an individual, you complain a lot and find excuses for not taking any positive action.
You find excuses. You become lazy. Now, how to fix it?
Review your day-to-day activities and find out where you are unnecessarily spending time.
Prioritize your activities

Find at least a spare 60-minutes a day to run your Affiliate business to make it a successful venture.
This way, you will be “prepared yourself to work” for your online business.

Step 2: Key is to Understand the Service You Are Marketing

The service you are marketing must be something “valuable” to the world...something that has an impact...something that will make the world a better place.
By understanding the service you will be able to come up with ideas on how to market to different categories of people.
* What problem in the World you can solve using our Services ?
* The world is your customer.
* Your service is the solution to them.

Step 3: Build your strategy, have a plan.

As an Affiliate you do not have to worry about money or investment...all this is taken care for you by the Company...all you have to do is to be “be more focused”on what you want to achieve.

Step 4:Achieve your Dreams
Marketing is one of the most crucial processes in order to grow your online business bigger.
Success in life varies by person-to-person.

For example, if we can measure success in terms of money – lets do some quick maths here :

Annual Subscription of is RM360.
20% is your Affiliate revenue per paid transaction.

Step 5: Welcome on Board
Here's what you need to have a great start.

Include Teachers, University Students and all who want to impact lives through Education.

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