WCW Student Parking Pass Application
Parking and driving on the Will C. Wood campus is at your own risk. Will C. Wood is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle while it is on campus. Vehicles parked on campus are subject to search by school officials and/or law enforcement. Parking at Will C. Wood High School is a privilege issued by the school.

No student may park on campus without a Parking Permit. A permit can be obtained before/after school or at lunch only. Permits are available all year.  Following the second week of school, all vehicles parked in the lot must have a permit displayed. Repeated violations of the Parking Lot rules can result in disciplinary action and/or the vehicle being towed from campus.

To request a permit, students must submit a completed application through the following Google Form.  Permits are required for cars, trucks, and motorcycles parked on Will C Wood Campus.

The Parking Permit must be visible in the student’s vehicle at all times while on campus by hanging it from the rear view mirror or placing it on the dashboard on the drivers side at all times while on campus.

Students may only park in designated student parking stalls. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, staff parking, or at curbs may be ticketed and possibly towed. Student vehicles parked in designated Staff spots or parked the parking lot without a valid Parking Permit may receive consequences from WCW Administration and may be ticketed.  

A Will C. Wood parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space. Parking is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bicycles and scooters, etc. must be parked in the area designated for them along the B/C Wing or in the bike cage in the lower parking lot. Students are not permitted to ride them on campus at any time.

Loitering in the parking areas before, during, or after school is not permitted. Students found in the parking lot during academic periods without a pass may face disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges.

Littering or damaging the parking lot in any way may result in loss of parking pass privileges.  

The speed limit on campus is five (5) miles per hour. Students engaging in reckless and/or dangerous driving behavior are subject to school-issued discipline and ticketing by law enforcement and revocation of parking privileges.

The campus is monitored daily by Campus Supervisors. Campus Supervisors assist in coordinating all matters pertaining to driving and parking on campus, including the issuing of citations and/or referrals for driving/parking violations.

Will C. Wood Administration will determine driving/parking violation consequences. Depending upon the nature and seriousness of the violation, consequences may include, but are not limited to: Administrative Detention(s), In-House Suspension(s), fines, and loss/suspension of parking privilege.  Law enforcement officials may be involved when deemed necessary. Vehicles may be towed, at the expense of the owner, due to repeated or flagrant violations.
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I have reviewed the rules and requirements for parking on the Will C. Wood campus. I understand that I need to comply with the WCW parking rules in order to maintain parking privileges. I understand that a parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space. I understand that repeated violations of these rules may result in my vehicle being towed, at a cost to the registered owner. All the information I have provided on this application is true and correct. If any information contained in this application changes, I will notify Will C. Wood Administration of those changes.
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