BSDTW17 Student Contributor Tickets
By submitting proof of your contribution to *BSD projects, you have a chance to earn the Student Contributor discount ticket (1500NTD -> 500NTD).

Student qualification:
Valid full-time students must satisfy either one of the conditions:
- Under 26 years old AND holds any "Student ID card with photo". Register stamps of last two semesters are required.
- Born before September 1st 1998, AND holds any state-issued photo identification (passport, driver's license, etc.).
Disqualified attendees must pay the difference of full-price ticket upon entry to the conference.

Contributor qualification:
Including but not limited to code, patches, documentation and translation contributions to *BSD projects.

The BSDTW conference reserves the right to decide whether a given applicant qualifies.
If there are too many submissions, undergraduate students will be considered first.

Qualified contributors will be awarded the coupon of Student Contributor ticket on 2017-09-30.

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