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If you presented at the 2017 David Foster Wallace Conference, you may submit a copy of your presentation for consideration in the DFW17 Proceedings. Please note the following requirements:

- To be eligible for consideration, you must have delivered your presentation at the conference, either in-person or via Skype. We invite all presentations from all disciplines for consideration.

- In recognition of interdisciplinary nature of many presentations, we accept multiple style guides. Our preference is MLA 8, and we may edit accepted papers to meet MLA 8 guidelines.

- If your oral presentation referenced outside works, please be sure your print submission includes appropriate citations.

- All submissions will be peer reviewed before acceptance. Presenting at the conference does not guarantee acceptance in the proceedings.

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Please upload a single Google or Word Doc with the full text of your presentation and any accompanying materials. Please DO NOT include your name or other identifying information anywhere in this file. Ensure that the title on your paper matches the title given above. Your paper does not need to be an exact match to your presentation - it's certainly okay to use an updated article, as long as it's true to the main points you made at the conference. Please ensure proper source citations are included.
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