KVA PACK 2020 Coach Application
Please note that your preferred age group/gender is not a guarantee that you will be coaching that age group/gender!

Club Season Runs Begining of January through End of April/Early May.

All teams practice on Sunday + 1 (or 2 for HP) mid-week practice(s). Practice times on Sunday Range from 9am-9pm. Mid-week practices can start at 5pm,6pm,6:30pm or 7pm depending on day/location. Sunday practices slots are 2hours, Mid week varies between 90mins and 2 hours. (HP Teams have priority on 2 hour time slots)
Most teams will also have out-of-town tournaments requiring travel on weekends. Depending on age/level this could be 3-8 travel weekends. (some travel may only be a single day in the Okanagan)
All teams attend Provincials in April/May (Lower Mainland, 2/3 days)
Nationals is in Edmonton for 2020 (15U+)

Any questions please contact youthadmin@kamvolleyball.ca
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