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This form is for people who want to run a CAMentrepreneurs branch. Before you start to fill in this form you should read the *Values* and *Starting a new branch* documents.
Our goals, purpose and values
How to set up a local branch
These documents are also listed in the "files" section of our Facebook Group here

The basic values of CAMentrepreneurs are set out in these documents..

We want to organise high quality events, add value and be useful.

In places where there is a thriving entrepreneurship support eco-system and/or a local alumni chapter this may well be in partnership with existing organisations. We encourage you to try a pilot event. As you will see in our "Starting a new branch*" guide - the first step is to understand the local entrepreneurship support eco system in your area.

Our official presence is here

on Facebook
we have a Facebook Group here
and on Linkedin

We may set up our own website in the future, but for now, effectively we use Linkedin and Facebook

This group is for entrepreneurial alumni who have started a business (and/or want to) and would like to

a) help students

b) network with other alumni.

c) otherwise get involved

I wrote a manifesto for the group here

which gives a sense of my perspective.

I believe there is a big issue of alumni not being as actively engaged as they could be in the places they studied.

This applies to many places not just Cambridge.

The time has come for change, in which Cambridge can play a leading role.

Richard Lucas
December 2016

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Goals of CAMentrepreneurs

1 To facilitate and encourage transfer of know how, contacts and capital to and from businesspeople/entrepreneurs among the alumni of Cambridge University to each other, current entrepreneurial students, and others.

2. To give current students access to role models among entrepreneurial alumni who can help transmit the message that business success is possible.

3. to celebrate the business success of alumni

4, To work with and encourage existing alumni associations to include entrepreneurship support in their activities

5 to provide a business friendly environment where pro enterprise people from different organisations can meet and get to know each other, and develop their networks. We are "Cambridge and... ", not "Cambridge only... "

6. To broaden and deepen the number of entrepreneurs active in Alumni events.

7. To provide a platform and vehicle so that members and leaders can promote initiatives of relevance to their local area.

8. To provide a global network so that when members of CAMentrepreneurs are travelling they have local points of contact.

9. To ensure that events organised by CAMentrepreneurs are worth the time and effort participants put in by attending, are interesting, useful and enjoyable.

10. To encourage an pro active atmosphere of initiative, contribution and sharing, where we encourage members to think how they can contribute and make an impact with or through the organisation.
Apply to run a local branch of CAMentrepreneurs
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If you are not connected to Cambridge University, you *must* find someone from the University to be the official lead. We are not restricted to Cambridge University alumni only but the person in charge in a local area must be.
Why are you interested in getting involved? *
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What do you do/have you done/want to do ? *
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What is your plan for the first year of running CAMentrepreneurs ?
Please be as clear as you can. (SMART) Specific Measurable Action Orientated, Realistic and Time limited). It is good to be able to say you have succeeded or failed. Even one successful event a year is a lot better than none!
Anything else that is not clear, that you would like to discuss, or that we should have asked? *
How we can get in touch
Please give Skype, phone, Linkedin Facebook and your normal time zone. I will want to talk to you
Local Entrepreneurship Support Eco System *
If you have already done a review of the local entrepreneurship support eco system please paste it in. If you have not done much yet, it doesn't exist or you are not connected to it at all, please just write what you know now, and we can always give feedback about what extra needs to be done. Focus on topics that are relevant. Particularly important are any other Cambridge Alumni groups in your area, maybe the Oxford Alumni association, and organisations that have the best events
By clicking "submit" at the end of this form, you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree with the responsibilities and role of a local chapter leader, and that the information provided in this form is accurate. *
This is important. We have the good name of the University to protect, and the goal of being a helpful, welcoming, open pro entrepreneurship network is important to us.. You must agree to financial transparency, sharing details of attendees of events with CAMentrepreneurs, so we can send a feedback form, posting a summary of each event on our Linkedin and Facebook groups. If you don't keep with the rules, we reserve the right to remove you from the Linkedin and Facebook Group - but of course we hope that this will never happen.
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