Down River Farm Employment Application
Please review our website page "Employment" regarding payment, requirements, work expectations, and Down River Farm culture BEFORE applying.

Thanks for applying, we'll be filling these spots through the month of February, so I'll get back to you in that time frame to conduct an in-person interview and/or a work interview.
Phone Number
Are you seeking full time or part time work?
Clear selection
This job starts from late April and goes until early December (changes slightly based on position applied for). Please include potential scheduling conflicts or constraints. The opportunity for additional work outside of this timeframe is probable for the right applicant.
Every employee works at the farmers market. We emphasize this as it is an integral part of the operation for the employees to interact with customers and to see the fruits of their labor go out into the community. Are you available two Saturdays a month to participate? If you work Saturday farmers market, you get Monday off (only if you work full time).
Do you have any physical restraints?
Do you have reliable transportation to and from the farm?
Clear selection
Briefly, what is your educational/work background?
If you listed a job in the previous question in which you worked outside, explain what it was and what your responsibilities were.
Why do you want this job?
This job requires you to work quickly and efficiently. Describe a time when you exercised either of these skills.
What are your future aspirations?
Please include 2 work-related references with their name, phone number/e-mail, and relationship to you (boss, coworker, etc).
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