ORYX Airdrop Campaign ⚡️
Welcome to ORYX

As an incentive to support the continued growth of the oryx Community, network and oryx ecosystem, oryx announces a HARD rewards program to reward those who share its vision of the long-term success of oryx and its technology.

2% of the marketing will be deducted from the distribution of the oryx token and granted for the publication of the oryx by the community reward.

2,000,000 ORX FOR AIRDROP Campaign R5
Airdrop END > until the distribution of 2,000,000 ORX

🎁 Get 500 ORX + 100 ORX ref .

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Our vision is to provide complete satisfaction for Crypto enthusiasts to Non Crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and Integrating them to various e-commerce stores In which some of this platforms are given below. E-commerce, Gaming Platform, Internet Services and Different Crypto Platforms.

Oryx works on collective adoption of Token to usage in real-world applications (Exchange system, Store, Gaming,Crypto platform and more Internet services).

Oryx main objective is to be the Token used by our partners, which accept cryptocurrency, to transfer funds and payments within our platforms.
Decentralization Of E-Commerce To The World at large, this is our goal and our vision.

🌐Useful links:

Website - https://4oryx.com/

MVP I - Decentralization Social Network https://oyaaa.net/

MVP II - Decentralized video streaming platform https://unvid.net/

Completed the tasks, share to your friends and grab much of ORYX tokens in your own wallet !!!! 🤩🤑

The rewards will be distributed after our token sale has been ended. 💵🛬
Token will be distributed step by step for a period not exceeding 6 months .

Please feel free to ask questions.
ORYX teams. 😉

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