Twin Town Archery Registration Form
Registrations are date/time stamped and will be honored in the order they are received. Any registrations attempted/dated prior to 3:00 PM on December 1 will be deleted. If you have questions during the registration process please contact Heather at 701-640-5925.

Registration confirmations, notice of time assignments, fees due and next steps will be emailed after December 12th.
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Please indicate which of the following core tournament(s) your child will be participating in this year. This does not officially register them for a tournament, we will do that once we get closer. Your answers to this question is solely for our use for planning purposes on who may be participating in tournaments so we can complete pre-registrations and planning for the number of coaches needed at a tournament site, equipment, and weekly league assignment spots. **Archers, especially beginners, are not required to participate in tournaments, however for our experienced kids it is encouraged. *
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