YOU CAN REACH THE WORLD FROM DOVER - DAD Digital Festival questionnaire
Below are questions that will help us evaluate the festival and help us with future plans and funding.

All your responses are ANONYMOUS. The information you submit will be collated into a final report which may be shared online. No names or full postcodes will be used in the final report. (Postcodes will only be used for research purposes by the evaluator to get an idea of where the audiences are, and will be stored in compliance with 2021 GDPR laws).

If you require any further information please contact the evaluator directly at
What pages have you viewed/listened to/accessed from the DAD Digital Festival Programme? (Please check all that apply) *
Have you been to Dover? Please select from one of the following: *
Have you heard of DAD (Dover Arts Development) before? *
Had you visited the DAD website before ( *
To help us find out where our audience is from please enter your postcode (or country if not the UK).
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Would you describe yourself as ‘involved in the arts’? *
Where have you accessed arts and culture prior to the pandemic? (click all that apply)
Where have you accessed arts and culture during the pandemic? (click all that apply)
Had you ever listened to Dover Community Radio ( prior to the DAD Digital Festival? *
What value has this digital festival had to you (please tick any that apply)? *
Do you have any further comments that you would like to make?
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