MomoCon 2020 Guest Application
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Thank you for your interest in applying to be a featured guest at MomoCon 2020. We receive a great number of guest inquiries, and have decided to formalize the process for those interested. This application does not guarantee guest status and will be reviewed by MomoCon guest committee members based on a number of factors. It is important that guests fit within one of the 3 major categories (animation, gaming, comics) or 3 complimentary categories (cosplay, performances, internet personalities) of MomoCon. We will address all applications, but categorical fit and individual guest requirements of MomoCon are two major factors that we must evaluate.

If you are accepted as a guest, you will be required to participate in at least 2 panels or events. We do not accept guests who are signings-only.

Please Note the following prior to filling out the application:
1) This application is for entertainment professionals or agents on behalf of talent only. This is not a guest request form. If you would like to request specific guests, please use official MomoCon social media channels or email us at
2) The applicant must fit within the categories of animation, gaming, comics, cosplay, performances, or internet personalities.
3) This is an individual application for a group (ie: band) or a single guest. Agents representing multiple talent must submit multiple applications for each guest.
4) The application deadline is March 1st, but earlier applications have a greater likelihood of being accepted.
5) MomoCon, because of the nature and culture of the event, does not accept events of a sexual-adult nature (hentai/yaoi, burlesque, risque cosplay shows, etc.).

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