Queen Bee Coaching - A Pankhurst Trust Service Client Application Form
Queen Bee Coaching - A Pankhurst Trust Service has been established with the intention of supporting women who want to take up positions of power and influence across Greater Manchester. We provide coaching by to women who have demonstrated leadership skills and who are in work or civic positions/ roles where coaching is not the norm or is unavailable/unaffordable. Coaching provides an opportunity to explore personal leadership challenges and how best to overcome them. The service is free to women and we particularly encourage women from groups who are under represented in positions of power and leadership including women from Disabled/BAME/LGBT+/Working Class groups.

Coaching is a non-directive form of development and focuses on improving performance and developing individuals’ skills. It provides people with feedback on both their strengths and their weaknesses. Coaching is not counselling, therapy or mentoring.

This form is to help us understand you and whether you could benefit from the coaching programme. All information given on this form is for the purpose of providing a quality coaching programme. Your personal details will not be shared outside of our organisation without your consent. Further details of our Privacy Notice are available on the website www.pankhursttrust.org

Once you have completed this form it will be read by two coaches and you will be invited for a telephone interview with the purpose of clarifying any questions you or we might have.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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Section One: Leadership
The programme is focused on developing leadership potential. This can be in community roles as well as within organisations and is for women in unpaid as well as paid positions. Leadership is about having impact and engaging others to support the achievement of this.
Can you tell us what you understand by leadership, and give an example of when you have demonstrated this (150-200 words)? Please include brief details of: what leadership means for you, in your context, what was the situation in your example?, what did you do?, what personal qualities did you draw on to exercise leadership?, what happened as a result, what did you learn from this? *
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Leadership is also about having ambition and vision for the future - please tell us briefly (150-200 words) where you see yourself in two years' time. *
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Section Two: Motivation
You will benefit most from coaching if you are keen and motivated to develop your potential at this specific time. This can often be when you start a new role, or want to refresh your leadership style, or if you are considering a major change or transition. The coaching programme offers between 3 and 6 one-hour coaching sessions, meeting each month.
Please tell us briefly (150-200 words) why you want to engage with this coaching programme and what motivates you. If coaching could help you overcome your biggest challenge/ barrier what would that be? How do you think you will benefit from coaching? *
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Section Three: Coaching Goals
As part of the coaching you will set goals to work on with your coach that will support your leadership development and ambition. However, coaching is more than the sessions with your coach. You will need to commit to following through actions you have agreed in sessions, and spending time on this to achieve your goals. Coaching also involves exploring challenging issues and considering these in new ways. This involves personal reflection, and a willingness to seek and receive feedback from others.
With this understanding, tell us up to three goals you would like to achieve with the support of the coaching service. Please use just one sentence to describe each goal. *
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Section Four: Reference
Please can you let us have name and contact details for someone who can vouch for your leadership potential and suitability for this programme. This does not have to be an employer, but should be someone who has seen you in a leadership role and can comment on this.
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In what area have you been working or volunteering? *
Do you have to overcome any barriers to equality as well as being a woman? Please select as many as are applicable. (An example of 'other': You are in a minority in your profession or role / you want to change roles to one where women are in a minority) *
What barriers do you face to accessing leadership development support? Please state briefly. For example: You are unable to afford coaching and your organisation will not provide development for you / You don’t work for an organisation / You are not in the target group for development in your organisation.
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Would you prefer a coach from a similar background?
If you are offered a place on the service, can you confirm that you will commit to three sessions within six months? *
In which area will you be able to meet your coach? Please select as many as are applicable. *
What time would you be available for coaching? Please select as many as are applicable. *
How did you hear about the project? *
Now, please follow this link to fill out the equal opportunities form: The purpose or this form is to help us ensure the service reaches our target groups. The data is completed confidential and is only used on an aggregate basis.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9cjYHDNpTGLcubF0tCNkux0c5Zt1wotnjQcI1UiLVxnjRNQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
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