Alumni Feedback on Curriculum
Dear Alumni,
It gives us immense pleasure to reconnect with you. We hope you have been doing exceedingly well in your career. We are confident that your stay with JCBUST has enabled you to imbibe the process of life-long learning and to take up challenging careers. We are sure you were sufficiently equipped not only to take on the real world but also to make it a better place to live, through responsible and innovative use of technology.
We solicit your feedback on attainment of the student outcomes (the knowledge, skills, attitude that you developed during the course of study at JCBUST and subsequent work experience) of UG/PG program. Please answer the following questions on the scale of 1 to 5 where 1 indicates little satisfaction, and 5 indicates higher satisfaction.
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The current syllabi is adequately updated from the one followed during your course of study.
Does the curricula has the ability to find solutions to real life/practical problems in industry through the use of technical knowledge?
Does the curricula have reasonable practical and laboratory skills for analysis and design?
How do you rate the curricula with respect to professional ethics and behavior?
How do you rate the curricula in written and oral communication abilities?
Does the curricula has ability and will to engage in a process of continuous learning to meet the current job requirements?
Overall satisfaction for the current program in meeting its educational objectives.
Any comments:
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