BSR Valentine's Squirrel Grams
Want to get something one of a kind for your sweetheart or friends? Send a Squirrel Gram! Black Squirrel Radio's beloved mascot URL the Squirrel will be delivering Valentines and flowers to people this Valentines week! Purchase your Squirrel Gram now! Deliveries are first come first serve and only take place on Kent campus! Gram delivery will take place from 2/11-2/14
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We want to make this go as smooth as possible and make sure your intended recipient gets your Valentine's gift with no problems!
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Thanks for celebrating Valentine's Day with Black Squirrel Radio!
All Squirrel Grams must be prepaid to 205 Franklin Hall. Cash, Credit (Visa, MC or Discover) and checks will be accepted. Please make checks out to Black Squirrel Radio. *Grams are not refundable Call 330-672-2586 to make your payment from home
Contact BSR GM Brooke Forrest ( if you have additional questions, concerns, or requests!
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