Registration Form for ICS 2016 (Wire Transfer)
請填妥下列資訊,並於匯款後連同匯款單一起寄至 完成報名

Please fill in the following data. Then mail this file together with the wire-transfer receipt to

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(b) For wire transfer, Bank Information :
Bank: Mega International commercial Bank, Hsinchu Branch

Bank Address: 1F,NO.417,SEC.2,GONGDAO 5TH RD.,HSINCHU CITY, 30069 TAIWAN, R.O.C.


Account No.: 203-09-03859-3

Remark: (Please indicate your paper ID and name for ICS 2016)

(d) 匯款資訊:社團法人台灣雲端計算學會帳號:
1. 銀行名稱:兆豐國際商業銀行 新竹分行

2. 銀行代號:017

3. 戶名:台灣雲端計算學會

4. 帳號:20309038593

附註:請於匯款時務必加註(ICS 2016、論文全文名稱、論文編號、姓名)

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