Exhibit Application
Free Comic Book Day Festival is Saturday May 4, 2019

Creative Women Mini-Con is Saturday, September 28th, 2019

About the Mini-Con
We’re excited to help promote local creatives like you. CWMC and FCBD Festival stand as two of our flagship events, and local creatives like you are an essential part of that. Best of all, for local creatives, there are very good benefits:


1. There is NO DEPOSIT required and NO FEE of any kind in order to participate.

2. We do not take a percentage of your sales. Keep ALL the money you make at your table.

3. We’ve heard from numerous exhibitors that they make good sales numbers at the mini-con. More than one exhibitor has made $600+ from sales at one of our mini-cons.

4. We set up the room to make it easy for guests to visit each exhibitor's table.

5. We promote all of you before the event; and many of you, we are able to promote throughout the year (via social media).

6. Typically, more than 500 attendees come through the shop during a mini-con. During the Free Comic Book Day Festival we get well over 1000 people.

7. PRESS COVERAGE, including in the past, Sac News & Review, News 10, Fox 40, Good Day Sacramento, Inside Arden and the Sacramento Bee.


1. Closely adhere to our exhibiting requirements.

2. Promote the event and each other like crazy.

More and more local – and out-of-town – creatives are hearing about our event. Every year we receive more requests to participate and have to turn away exhibitors. Local creatives are important to us, and we’ll always have more locals than out-of-towners. With more choices available, there are a few things that are going to help you stand out when we prepare for our next event.

Thankfully, whether you’re accepted at our next flagship event or not, we have other events throughout the year. Thank you for applying.

Please confirm your adherence to the following three commitments.


We keep track of whether or not you stick to these commitments. If you commit, but then don't stick to the commitment, we move you to the bottom of the list for future events.


SCHEDULING: When you leave before the time you committed staying until, the event looks diminished to your potential fans, and may decide to drive by and not stay. That effects the shop and every single one of your fellow Creatives.

SETUP: When tables are not set up in time, it effects PRESS COVERAGE negatively. The media wants their broadcast to look amazing. You and your setup table are an amazing sight. When it's not setup, they are not amazed and may decide to cover something else, not us. That effects the shop and every single one of your fellow Creatives.

PROMOTION: Whether you have 20 followers or thousands, when you promote regularly, it keeps it in the minds of potential attendees. When promotion takes place infrequently, attendance drops, new attendees may not hear about the event, and a depressed event takes place. That effects the number of people going by your booth and the booth of your fellow Creatives -- and how many new fans they can add to their email list. We staff a marketing professional with more than 16 years experience and his knowledge is available to you during this time at no charge. Take advantage of it.

SCHEDULING: Do you commit to being available on the date of the FCBD Festival from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. or CWMC from 10am to 4pm? *
SETUP: Do you commit to being completely setup by our required time on the day of the event? (The time may vary, however it's usually between 7AM-8AM).
PROMOTION: Do you commit to promoting the event and your fellow creatives regularly prior to the event? And during the event, where possible?
Select the event you're applying for. *
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