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Central Online HRIS developed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, not only accumulates a comprehensive set of information, but also, at the same time it disseminates them in standard format/structure to all parties who can make the most out of that data without putting any additional effort to collect, process, normalize, store and verify. This emission of information is electronic and instant saving thousands of hours of additional effort and retaining uniformity, integrity and accuracy of data.

This inter-sharing data architecture constitutes the largest and most sophisticated data super- highway currently existing in Bangladesh.

HRIS, with a vast collection of data, both historical and current, opens the door for extensive research and analysis. Data which took month to compile offline, can now be obtained in just a few clicks. The ‘big picture’ is now visible accessible to stakeholders, policy makers and experts.

Fill up the following form with all required information to obtain the credentials that you can use to establish API connection between your software and Central HRIS.

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