Maker Skills Workshop Interest Survey
Maker Workshops for K12 Educators held at the MIT Edgerton Center last year were very successful, providing participants with the skills and resources they needed for using Maker tools and materials effectively in their schools. We are looking into offering these workshops as well as some new ones.
Please share your thoughts on this Workshop Interest Survey and help us better understand the needs of the community.
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Below is a list of 1-day workshops we may offer.
We expect to offer courses at a rate of approximately $275/day.
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Designing and Operating a Makerspace: Resources for design, layout, and safe operations; instruction and practice with tool and materials (including a variety of manual and power tools, materials, and fasteners); and Project samples.
3D Modeling and Printing, basic: Solid modeling with Tinkercad (or similar introductory program), design for 3D printing, parts, function and effective use of 3D printers
3D Modeling and Printing, intermediate: Solid modeling with Fusion360 (or similar intermediate program), design for 3D printing, parts, function and effective use of 3D printers
Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter and 2D modeling, Basic: Design for laser etching and cutting, design for vinyl/craft cutters, 2D vector modelling on Inkscape, Gravit (or similar program), parts, function, materials, and effective use of laser and vinyl cutters
Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, and 2D modeling, Intermediate: Design for laser etching and cutting, design for vinyl/craft cutters, 2D vector modelling on Autocad, Illustrator (or similar program), alternative materials, and special projects
Electronics Basics: principles of electricity, series and parallel circuits, switches, LEDs, buzzers, wiring materials, soldering, component selection, multimeters, tools, and techniques,
Electronics Intermediate: principles and use of intermediate components (transistors, integrated circuit chips, sensors, etc.), breadboards circuits, test equipment, soldering to pc boards
Arduino programming, Basic: Coding basics, intro to Arduino environment, and interfacing with basic input devices (photocells, light temperature, distance sensors) and output devices (servo motors, neopixels, LEDs, speakers)
Arduino programming, Intermediate: Intermediate coding techniques (including functions, data structures, libraries, etc), and interfacing with a variety of input and output devices that come with specific code (such as magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, motor controller)
Arduino programming, Advanced: Advanced coding techniques (including interrupts, pointers, file I/O, etc.) and interfacing with other computers as well as other devices
AppInventor Programming and mobile app development: Intro Introduction to AppInventor environment, interfacing with tablets and phones, basic programs that are fun, reasonably easy, and showcase a variety of basic programming principles)
AppInventor Programming and mobile app development: Intermediate, Intermediate level programming tools and techniques using the AppInventor environment, accessing other phone functions, and interfacing with web-based tools
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