Meal and Accommodation Information (用餐與住宿資訊) (T03)
Please fill in the meal and accommodation information of your team as soon as possible. Thank you very much! (請儘速填寫貴隊之住宿及用餐資訊,非常感謝!)
Team Name (隊伍名稱)
Your answer
Does your team come from countries other than Taiwan? (請問是否為外地隊伍?)
Does your coach need accommodation? Please note that if a coach leads multiple teams, he or she only needs to answer "Yes" in at most one team. (請問教練是否需要住宿?如同位教練同時指導多隊,只需於任一隊回答此問題,其指導之其他隊伍於本欄直接填 "No" 即可。)
How many male contestants need accommodation? (請問有多少男性參賽隊員需要住宿?)
How many female contestants need accommodation? (請問有多少女性參賽隊員需要住宿?)
Including the coach, how many vegetarians do you have in the team? (包含教練在內,請問貴隊有多少素食者?)
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